Joe King @joeaking_rook and Jon Garcia @jon_rook embarked on a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong to meet up with their factories, distributors/stores, and soak up some local vibes for inspiration.

Jon, Joe, and Robby getting off the plane. Hong Kong Airport

Got to the hotel in Kawloon, Hong Kong

Some REAL Chinese food

Morning in Hong Kong from the hotel room

Shopping malls, Nathan St. Hong Kong

Printing out Superfuture maps are key to good travel

Dried various animal parts and roots

Comic book row

Some crazy birds

Wonkey park fitness

Hedge Maze

Dried reindeer head…mmmm

Dried bull penis…

Hong Kong street hustle

Street meat

More street food finds

Local Jam

Shark Fin, you down?

Double Park, Kawloon, best store in Hong Kong

Found an old Emerica graphic Joe drew in the mix

Fingercroxx, Kawloon Hong Kong

Carhartt, Kawloon Hong Kong

Shopping district at the Hong Kong Harbor

Jeremy Scott Adidas, turnt…but do make sense in the context of this city

Beams Boy

Hysteric Glamour

Lewis vuhton

Hong Kong Island light show

By, Jon G

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